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Registration: FREE


Pricing for Fall & Spring Intensive (Sep-May)

*New Rates 2023-2024

Monthly Billing Only in Fall & Spring

30-Min Biweekly 

In-Person or Online


45-Min Biweekly


30-Min Weekly

In-Person or Online


Pricing for Summer Session or TBD: Pay Per Lesson

In-Person or Online

$30/30-minutes or $50/45-minutes

Recital: Participation Fee (Per Recital)

The fee is applicable to recital participants only
Free: Matthews Ballroom + Events
TBD: Offsite Recitals or Special Performances

Sibling Discount: $5 Off Singing Lessons only: Intensive & Summer Session. Siblings must have lessons during the same week to receive the discount. 

Accepted Forms of Payment:

Visa, MasterCard, or Check

Returned Check Fees

There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.

Stopping Your Monthly Payment Program (Intensive)

To be removed from the program, we must receive notification in writing before the 15th of the month to be dropped from the program the following month.

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