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Arts Can Play a Role in Literacy

Literacy is essential in our ever-changing world. We are thrilled to be an education program that specializes in improving students’ literacy skills through the arts. We love seeing how the use of the arts creates powerful literacy, language, and learning opportunities for a wide range of students.

Our goal is to help learners improve their literacy skills, which will better their ability to read, write, speak, listen, and comprehend at an advanced level (Moody-Zoet, 2014). Role-play is one of our favorite activities. Learners gain a better understanding of a story, character, or event because in addition to listening, speaking, reading, and writing; they are physically acting the information out (Teaching Chanel, 2016).

Moody-Zoet, E. (2014). Integrating Art Education and Literacy Education: A Curriculum for the Secondary Level.

Teaching Chanel. (2016). What You Can Do When the Arts are Missing from Your Elementary School?

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