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Lights, Camera, Learn!

How will ArtsC make learning fun this summer? We will incorporate filming in all of our summer camps! We will use the video curriculum created by EdTechTeacher Inc. in all camps (multiple times in the YouTube Video Camp). The video curriculum is a six-step process: Outline, Script, Storyboard, Filming, Editing, and Publishing.

  1. Outline: ArtsC Campers will outline a central theme.

  2. Script: ArtsC Campers will write a script &/or captions.

  3. Storyboard: ArtsC Campers will create a storyboard, which will help them plan each step prior to shooting the video.

  4. Filming: ArtsC Campers will be filmed using both raw footage and blocking.

  5. Editing: ArtsC Campers will make editing suggestions. ArtsC Staff will use Apple iMovie to edit.

  6. Publishing: ArtsC Staff will use the online video-sharing site, YouTube to publish videos.

For more information about the Video Curriculum visit


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